Max Brenner

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Second floor interiors

What's on their display shelves.

Chocolate being conched and/or mixed.

Sweet chocolatey aroma will greet you as you enter this place.

Pizza Margherita. (not made with chocolate)

Chicken Parmegiana (not made with chocolate)

Pesto pasta with fish (halibut, I think. I totally forgot what it was but it was OK)

Fish and Chips

Chocolate Fondue. 
Includes: a pot of chocolate, marshmallows, lady fingers, brownie cubes, bananas, melon, apples 

Urban S'mores
Includes: chocolate in a pot, fire in a pot, brownies, bananas, and of course; marshmallows

We had so much fun grilling 'mallows that we had to ask for another batch. The staff were so kind enough to bring us some more, free of charge.

Here's one for the road.

T-shirts for sale.

Wall art not for sale.

Max Brenner - Westgate, Alabang, Muntinlupa City


Mochiko's Milk Tea and Cookie Dough

Mochiko's Milk Tea Mochi Ice Cream and Cookie Dough Mochi Ice Cream

What's inside the Cookie Dough Mochi Ice Cream. 

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